Edge Platinum

Edge Platinum is a powerful After Effects template. The first in a series of grid-based presentations, it uses a grid framework to showcase images, video and any other piece of information in a smooth, elegant and professional manner. Also included are 10 vignettes made with Flight Stories and a selection of icons from Techno.

Truly Modular Structure

The more you use Edge Platinum the more modular it feels. Its design and structure makes it easy to come up with new creative applications by simply rearranging tiles and creating new layouts.

Bound Together

Tiles and layouts were carefully designed & crafted so that they look great next to each other. Whether it’s images, video, graphics or text, your content is always on the foreground.

First Class Extras

Not enough material to start with? There are a total of 10 Flight Stories vignettes and 12 animated Techno icons included to fill in the gaps.

Quick & Easy Customization

Once you download Edge Platinum, you’re minutes away from rendering your own custom version. A PDF documentation is included to help you along the way.

Project Assets

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