Flight Stories

Flight Stories is a collection of promos made entirely in After Effects, using only 3D layers and native tools, giving you total control of every last beautiful detail.

Evident throughout the entire project is a very strong sense of achievement, progress and determination, so whether it’s used by large corporations, small businesses, or even individual professionals, Flight Stories beautifully showcases the corporate values, reached milestones and advancements that move brands forward.

Its modular structure allows you to bring your own story to life with ease, but there are four pre-made Stories to help you get started.





Beautifully Designed

Everything in Flight Stories was crafted with incredible precision, from the tiniest details to the most dominant foreground elements.

Expertly Engineered

Setting up Flight Stories with your own content is simple and quick. For instance, you can replace all images in a Story with just a few clicks, within a single composition.

Total Creative Control

You can position, rotate, scale or hide any element in Flight Stories just like you would any 3D layer in After Effects.

Use a Custom Flying Object

You can use a custom graphic instead of the paper plane. Switch between the two options with just a single click.

Use Your Logo on the Plane

You can use a custom logo or other graphic on the paper plane’s surface, even choose two different logos or graphics, one for each wing.

Project Assets

Make it

A smart and intuitive panel allows you to quickly change the look of the project so that it matches your own branding.

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