Form is a customizable 11” logo ident. It starts off with a closeup of a large group of particles, then continues to zoom out while the particles form the logo.

A smart and intuitive Settings Panel makes Form incredibly easy to customize, allowing you to switch between the light and dark versions, switch between logo or plain text, use your own background colors, or use the logo’s original colors for the particles.

Form works with virtually any logo, but it will look best with logos that are not too complex or multilayered.



Ultra-Fast Previews

Despite the very large number of particles on screen, Form renders incredibly fast, making it all the more flexible when customizing and previewing inside After Effects.

In Glorious 2K Resolution

Form comes in glorious 2K resolution, so whether you’re planning to use it for mobile, broadcast or web, there’s more than enough pixels for every last detail to look its sharpest.

Project Assets

Make it

A smart and intuitive panel allows you to quickly change the look of the project so that it matches your own branding.

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