Realtor is an After Effects template for realtors and real estate agencies.

In Reasons, the viewer is guided through the 10 most important reasons why anyone should hire a realtor to sell their house. Each reason is beautifully visualized in two parts, one being the (realtor’s) feature and the second being the (client’s) benefit. This results in a playful interplay between scenes that is evident throughout the entire sequence.

In Property Teaser, the viewer takes a small tour of the property through a series of print inspired layouts featuring large type, bold photography and floor plan elements.



Benefits over Features

Realtor takes an effective and straightforward approach to getting you new customers, focusing more on actual benefits of hiring you rather than trivial features.

Concept Driven Visual Design

There’s nothing random about Realtor’s design. Every line of copy has been conceptualized to matching key visuals, designed and animated with incredible attention to detail.

Quick & Easy Customization

Once you download Realtor, you’re minutes away from rendering your very own custom version. A PDF documentation is included to help you along the way.

In Glorious 2K Resolution

Realtor comes in glorious 2K resolution, so whether you’re planning to use it for mobile, broadcast or web, there’s more than enough pixels for every last detail to look its sharpest.

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