Signature is a collection of 30 animated Instagram stories and posts in 3 resolutions: square, portrait and wide.

The collection’s refined design language combines striking geometric patterns with clean and minimal typography in various shades of Classic Blue, 2020’s Color of the Year.

Evident throughout the collection is an elevated sense of sophistication, but what makes Signature unique is its undeniably cohesive design and a distinct visual identity that gives the collection the impression of a family, rather than a disjointed bundle.



Beautifully Designed

Signature’s design identity is extremely refined and bold at the same time. It features a striking mix of large geometric patterns and clean, minimal type. 

Expertly Engineered

Signature was engineered with simplicity in mind. It makes swapping patterns with your own images, changing texts and building your own Instagram stories easy and effortless.

Cohesive Design

Signature was designed with incredible attention to detail, but what makes it unique is its truly cohesive design. The stories in the collection share a distinct visual identity that allows them to look seamless next to each other.

Beautiful Patterns

The striking geometric patterns scattered throughout the collection are the foundation of its visual language. Their sleek and precise design give Signature a bold and modern character.

Project Assets

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More After Effects Templates

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