Made popular with Apple’s “Don’t Blink” commercial, fast type promos are a surefire way to express your message in a quick, powerful and energetic way.
In Sync, elements pop up in sync with the beat of the track, resulting in a promo that keeps the viewer’s attention throughout the entire duration.




One Text Layer to Rule Them All

A handy master text layer does all the work for you. Any text changes you make to this layer are automatically applied to the words in the middle of the frame, saving you hours of work.

Initial Setup is a Breeze

All images in Sync are contained within just two comps. This eliminates the need for hundreds of pre-comps and makes initial setup a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

Quick & Easy Customization

Once you download Sync, you’re minutes away from rendering your very own custom version. A PDF documentation is included to help you along the way.

Project Assets

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